Why Chain Link Isn’t Just for Businesses

A chain link fence is most commonly associated with warehouses on industrial boulevards or sports fields in public parks. Chain link fences surrounding homes are not what most people envision. In spite of this, chain link fences have made great strides. Businesses aren’t the only ones using it anymore. Residential chain link fences have many advantages that make them a great choice. As with any other fence material, it is possible to beautify a chain link fence in a variety of ways. You may believe that chain link fences can’t improve your home, but we’re here to prove you wrong.

There are several benefits to installing a chain link fence

To make a chain link fence appropriate for your home, we need to discuss the numerous benefits it offers.

  • Price – Chain link fences are undoubtedly the most affordable. A chain link fence is arguably one of the most cost-effective fence materials available. With chain link fencing, you don’t need to worry about panels or individual posts and pickets since it comes in rolls that can be stretched between posts. The cost savings from a chain link fence can be substantial if you are enclosing a large area. For enclosing very large properties, a chain link may be the only economical option.
  • A transparent fence – Unlike much more expensive metal fences, chain link fences don’t block the view or the sun. It can help prevent claustrophobia in smaller yards if you are able to see out. You may also want to see out from time to time, whether to enjoy a spectacular view or to see who is approaching. If you’re planning to plant a garden, you need a fence that lets the most sunlight reach your crops. You may find that allowing a breeze through your yard is a welcome relief in hot climates.
  • Fast installation – Chain link fencing is extremely fast to install because it is prefabricated. Placing the posts takes the most time during installation. It is necessary to anchor the posts in cement footings. Nevertheless, as soon as the posts are up, it is just a matter of rolling out the chain link and attaching it to the posts and rails.
  • Flexibility – Chain link comes in a variety of sizes and can be coated with various finishes to enhance their appearance. Additionally, chain link fences can be enhanced for a softer appearance in many ways.
  • A strong fence – Chain link fences are often called hurricane fences because they can stand up to almost anything nature can throw at them. However, chain link fences are mostly empty spaces, even though they provide an effective barrier for people and pets. Therefore, when the wind blows, the fence is simply blown right through. Other solid materials can act as sails, picking up air and fighting against it. Chain links, however, can withstand a beating and remain strong. Furthermore, chain link is difficult to damage by impact. Aluminum can dent if thrown at a hard object, while wood or vinyl fences can crack. The chain link has some give, so it will be able to absorb the force. Due to its ability to absorb force from 90-mile-per-hour pitches or hard-hit foul balls, it’s used on sports fields and backstops.
  • Durability and Maintenance – Chain link fences are very durable and require very little maintenance. This is another reason why it is so common in commercial properties, parks, and civil engineering (such as highway overpasses). In addition to being extremely rust-resistant, galvanized steel requires very little maintenance.

The best way to enhance a chain link fence for a residential setting

Every homeowner may not be attracted to plain, industrial-style chain link fencing. Even though chain links can work in some situations, they can also be modified and dressed up in a variety of ways. The chain link you’re used to doesn’t have to be the only choice.

Enhancing Natural Beauty

The disadvantage of using chain links for residential purposes is that they can look cold and uninviting. Adding some nature can make it look more natural and warm up your yard.

Hedges can be grown along fences to achieve this. A fence can be hidden from view by plants growing up against it. You can have the look of a natural hedge with the added security of a fence. Chain link fences have the ability to blend almost seamlessly with hedges, unlike other fence types.

It is also possible to grow vines directly on fences. You can use the chain link as a trellis to support popular flowering vines like bougainvillea, jasmine, and honeysuckle. Your garden will benefit from additional flows and your fence will be completely hidden. A chain link trellis provides security as well as holding plants, unlike a wooden trellis.

The best way to dress up a chain link fence without growing a hedge or flowering vine is to hang window box planters. Chain link fences make great window boxes for growing flowers or even herbs and edible plants. An excellent way to introduce children to gardening is through a window box.

Enhancing the fence itself

In order to make a chain link fence look softer and more residential, there are numerous ways to do so. A vinyl-coated chain link is a popular option among homeowners. By using vinyl, you can create a softer look and add color to it. In terms of color choice, black is very popular because of the simplicity and understated appearance it provides. Several homeowners choose green vinyl-coated chain links for use in their gardens. There are other colors available, though they are less common. It is also possible to paint chain links, which allows for a variety of colors.

You can also select a smaller weave to make the chain link seem less industrial. There were usually two inches or two and a half inches of diamonds in commercial chain links. Residential fences can look less commercial with a smaller weave and lighter gauge. You can install a fence with all the benefits of chain link without the familiar commercial look by combining a smaller diamond size with a vinyl coating.

Privacy slats can be added to chain link fencing if you want more privacy. The slats are generally made of wood, but they can also be made of plastic or vinyl. It is important to note that this option loses some of the benefits of chain links. Slats increase the cost, so it isn’t as affordable as plain chain links. The slats also restrict your view and prevent you from getting as much sun. It’s still possible to get a cool breeze through the fence in severe weather, but you won’t get as much as you would with a fence without slats. Slats that have been hit moderately can also break. As opposed to this, individual slats are usually cheap and easy to replace.

Residential chain link fences

Many people think of a chain link fence as an industrial security fence, but it has evolved greatly in recent years. You can dress up a chain link so that it is not just suitable for residential use, but ideal for it as well. Get a free quote from Buckhead Fence Company if you’re interested in chain link fencing. A beautiful chain link fence is one of the many options we are happy to discuss with you.

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