The question of how to maximize the marketability of a home often arises for homeowners looking to sell their property. The simple upgrade of cosmetics is fine, but what about the installation of a new fence? Buying a home or moving to a new neighborhood will differ from person to person, however, we explore questions that should be considered.

  • What impact would a new fence have on your home’s curb appeal?

First impressions are crucial when selling your home. The initial drive-up and first glimpse will make the biggest impact on a buyer, even if they see your home online. The addition of a new stylish aluminum border to the front of your property can create a welcoming first impression. Aluminum can be installed by our team at Buckhead.

  • Do you live in a neighborhood where fences are common?

Installing a fence at your home may be a good investment if most of your neighbors have one. The chances are those potential homebuyers will compare your home with others listed for sale in your community and those around you. The lack of a fence can be a disadvantage if the homebuyer has to install one soon after moving in.

  • Would a new fence be a selling point for a house?

Security and safety are becoming increasingly important to us. Privacy vinyl fences are great selling points for potential homebuyers as they offer both privacy and safety. In addition, vinyl fences are easy to maintain, requiring only a rinsing and occasional scrubbing to maintain their appearance for a long time. In a world where there are a lot of pet owners, having a fenced-in backyard for dogs to run and play is easier.

  • In the event that my current fence is not in the best condition, should I replace it?

There is no doubt that this is the most difficult to determine. Fences in need of repair can reduce curb appeal, as potential homebuyers might see this as a project to take on. Your home can be given a boost by making repairs or installing a new fence.

Find out how to choose the right fence by speaking with one of our fence experts

Whether you need fence installation or fence replacement, Buckhead Fence is here to help. The process of determining which material is best for your place and what perimeter is best can be overwhelming. In preparation for the sale of your home, our team members can examine your property and develop a plan to assist you with putting in a new fence. Please feel free to contact us for a quote.

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