The Effects of Winter Weather on Your Fence

Winter is upon us once again – the cold weather is coming and making life just a bit harder. Winter weather can affect your fence in a way you may not have thought about. Fences are vulnerable to winter damage, so it’s important to take preventative measures to keep them in good condition. Here are some tips on how to protect your fence this winter.

How winter weather affects your fence

During the winter, it’s vital that you consider how the weather will affect your fence. Fencing can suffer a lot of damage due to cooler temperatures and increased moisture and wind during winter. For instance:


It is possible for metal parts on your fence to freeze in the cold winter air. This can result in the metal breaking or cracking, giving your fence a weak spot.


In contrast to metal fences that rust and freeze, wood fences can warp.

Extreme temperature changes can cause materials to warp due to expansion and contraction. You may end up with a collapsed fence if your fence warps.


Winter provides additional moisture from snow, rain, and ice, which can cause rust to appear on your fence. If your fence is completely made of metal, then rust will appear on it. As an alternative, you may have metal on posts, screws, or your gate. No matter what, you need to be on the lookout for potential problems. Rusting can quickly ruin a fence if you don’t take steps to prevent it.


A fence can collapse due to high winds and heavy snowfall. When you live in an area where winter storms are likely, you should take steps to prevent damage to your fence.


In spite of the fact that winter weather conditions do not break down fences, they can destabilize them. This can increase the risk of wind and weather damage to your fence as the season progresses.

What you can do to minimize the effects of winter weather on your fence

Winter weather can be hard on your fence. These tips will help you to protect your fence against harsh winter weather.

Make sure your fence is in good shape

Make sure your fence is not damaged by wind, snow, or ice on a regular basis. You should definitely take a look if there was a recent storm to determine if anything has changed.

Make sure screws and nails are in place

During your regular inspections, make sure to check screws and nails to ensure they are still in place. It is possible to re-tighten them with a hammer or screwdriver if any of them have come loose.

Identify and repair any damage

Checking your fence regularly will allow you to catch damage before it worsens. Even if the problem appears minor, it’s best to take care of it before it worsens. In the case of a wooden fence post, a small crack or some rot might not seem troublesome. You may, however, risk the post splitting over time and the fence collapsing if you let it get out of hand. If something goes wrong, replace just the broken part, rather than the entire fence.

Use a protective coating

Metal fences can be protected from rust by applying a protective coating. Consider your options carefully before picking a coating. There are many different types of coating available. The same applies to wooden fences. Many products are available for protecting your fence against warping and weather damage, including sealants, paints, etc.

Overhanging branches should be trimmed

Make sure to trim any branches that cross the top of your fence if there are trees nearby. In the event of heavy snowfall or ice accumulation, branches could snap and fall on your fence, causing severe damage.

Get Rid of Debris

Your fence posts and panels may be covered with leaves and other debris, in addition to the branches that hang over your fence. Keeping the debris off your fence can help prevent rusting or rotting caused by excessive moisture.


Your fence may suffer from the effects of winter weather. You can expect some serious damage to your fence due to the extreme temperatures and snow and ice. Following the information and tips above, your fence will be protected from cold weather. And if you need to repair your fence or install a new, more durable fence, contact the pros at Buckhead Fence Company right away!

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