Advantages of a Chain Link Fence

Fencing comes in a wide range of types, from vinyl to wood. One of the best-known types of fencing is chain links. Easy to install and suitable for both commercial and home applications, chain link fences have several advantages over other types of fencing. Here are just 4 of them.


Made of galvanized steel, chain link fences cannot be destroyed by pests or rot. The chain link does not attract dirt and debris, and it never needs painting or staining. Other than occasionally sweeping off leaves and cobwebs, there is little that you need to do to maintain a chain-link fence. This makes chain link a particularly excellent choice for commercial applications and homeowners who are not interested in adding to their list of maintenance items.


Chain link fences are generally the most affordable solution. The component materials are relatively inexpensive, and installation is relatively simple. If you are looking for a strong fence with good visibility, but don’t want to pay a premium, a chain link may be the best choice.


Chain link fences are available in numerous varieties. You can select the thickness and style of the galvanized steel wires, with thicker wires providing enhanced security and durability. Typical chain link fences range from 3 feet to 12 feet in height, but it is possible to create an even taller fence if needed. You can choose the type of gate you prefer, such as a swing gate, a walkthrough gate, or even an automatic sliding gate. You can even choose color-coated metal instead of the traditional steel color.


Properly installed chain link fencing is tough to breach. A chain-link fence, sometimes known as a hurricane fence or a cyclone fence, is woven from interlocking, galvanized steel wires that are bent vertically, joined in a diamond pattern, and attached to steel poles that are embedded in the ground. The open weave creates visibility, but it is tough to break through. Hence, chain link fences are often used in high-security areas such as correctional facilities, military bases, and industrial areas.

Chain link fences are highly versatile. From thick, tall imposing fences to low, inviting, color-coated fencing that blends with the look of your home, chain link fencing is widely customizable. Easy to install, durable, and inexpensive, chain link fencing may be the perfect solution for you.

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